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My Story

My name is Charlotte Kouyoumtjian. I started my nail business out of Porterville, California in March of 2020, initially specializing in gel manicures. I saw a demand for acrylic nails and began offering appointments for them in April 2020. Unfortunately I got a warning by the state to stop running my business, because since I was underage (16), I couldn't get a proper nail license. I didn't want to give up since I'd developed so many skills, so I started selling press on nails--there is no license needed for that. For the first couple of months no one was interested. The first time I made sales was on Black Friday of 2020, when I sold my work for such a low price that once I finished the orders, I lost money. But from there I had a foundation of people who wanted to order. I then listed some of my nails on Etsy just to see what would happen, expecting nothing. And then I made what is now over 4,000 sales--solely on Etsy. 

I began this business because I have been wrestling since I was 8 years old. In 2020, I needed to raise $500 to go to nationals. Since covid was happening, I had the time to practice nails since I did my own for years and had some experience. It took me a couple months to actually make money because I had to invest in so many products. I ended up raising the money, but of course nationals never happened because of covid.

I am now 20 and my passion has shifted from wrestling to entrepreneurship. I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me, and I love sharing my art with you.