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Perfectly Pressed Nails

Gentle Press-On Nail Remover

Gentle Press-On Nail Remover

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Gentle Press-On Nail Remover

💅 Effortless and Non-Damaging Removal

Say goodbye to the hassle and damage of removing press-on nails with our Gentle Press-On Nail Remover. This acetone-free formula ensures a quick, easy, and gentle removal process, preserving the health and beauty of your natural nails.

Key Ingredient:

  1. Propylene Carbonate: A safe, effective solvent that gently breaks down adhesive without damaging your press on nails.

Why Choose Our Press-On Nail Remover?

  • Non-Damaging: Protects your natural nails from harm.
  • Acetone-Free: Gentle and safe for regular use.
  • Easy Removal: Makes press-on nail removal a breeze.

🔹 Disclaimer: For best results, do not force your nails off. This remover is designed to aid in the removal process and help loosen tough spots but cannot be fully depended on for complete removal. Be cautious when using it on sets with a chrome finish or matte finish. Rinse and wash your press-on nails thoroughly after removal for reusability. Additionally, wash your hands thoroughly after using the remover to ensure all residues are cleared.

Experience the convenience of effortless nail removal with our Gentle Press-On Nail Remover.

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